8 Core Cable for Headphone 1 to 2 jack 3.5/2.5/4.4mm Balance Upgrade Replacement Silver Cables 1.4m Personality

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8 strands 1.4m, (4 strands Silver-plated Copper + 4 strands Copper), 240 cores, single strand 30 cores.

- The jack of some headphones is sunken, please confirm whether your headphones connection hole is suitable for the cable plug .
  (the diameter of the plug shell part is 6.97mm)

- The dual 2.5mm pin cable has a pair of insulated shock-absorbing bases.

- The cable is relatively soft and not easy to make noise similar to a stethoscope.

- The cable is divided into left and right channels, with only one channel on each side.

- The top of the left and right channel plug of the cable is positive electrode, the second and third sections are negative electrode. It will not be suitable for headphones with the opposite polarity of the left and right channels. If you are not sure of your headphone cable type, please contact our customer service.

There is a way to confirm whether the cable is suitable for your headphones: please swap the left and right side of your headphones cable. If it still works and the left and right sound channel are also exchanged, our cable will be suitable for your headphones.


8 Core Cable for Headphone 1 to 2 Balance Upgrade Replacement

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